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Everyone wants to be happy, fulfilled, successful, and accomplished. But sometimes stuff gets in the way. Our goal is to help you put the "stuff" into perspective so you can focus on your purpose and your priories. Together, let's build the momentum you need to be all you are meant to be. Contact us to set up a meeting or visit our events page to see how to become involved in our mastermind groups and other activities.

Wow. Thank you. Today's event [Live2Lead] was a generous, inspiring, and practical gift. It got my wheels turning, and I will be reading and rereading my notes, working on and brainstorming ways to implement such valuable wisdom in both my personal and professional life. (Beginning with asking questions instead of barking orders tonight as I put the kids to bed.) The service-based motivation that propels you and Bill to work in this edifying program is apparent. The value of the scholarship you so generously extended to me reached far beyond the actual price of the ticket to attend. Many, many thanks to you and Brian and the John Maxwell team.
— JeriLee Reneau, Smartly Sorted
I have found that since I have begun taking part in the mastermind discussions with Brian, I have been more attuned to the nuances in my communications with others. Although in theory the main points of the two books we have read so far make logical sense, in practice it is easy to forget and fall into old communication habits that can negatively affect relationships. Reading and discussing 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and How to Win Friends and Influence People, has helped keep basic communication principles at the forefront of my mind, which I feel has improved relationships both at work and at home.
— Nicole
Last night while I was getting training to help with the rock climbing and COPE course at the Boy Scouts office, we were doing some group challenges. A couple of the challenges were how to do accomplish physical goals that the whole group must do. My normal way of doing these kind of things is to just start doing it and hope others follow me, not really telling anyone what’s going on or even really letting others help. Since the last book study and this current one, I stood back and helped the others figure it out, I tried to point others in the right direction and take other people’s thoughts and feeling into consideration before just doing something. It turned out great. Our group worked very well together, and it was a fun time.
— Jeff
What I have gained from How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is theoretical knowledge with plenty of examples, and now I must apply this knowledge on a daily basis. The nice thing about these principles is that you do not necessarily have to apply them at a workplace, but instead they can be applied anywhere, anytime. I believe that these laws in theory are universally applicable to any situation. A word of advice, though, is not to get discouraged, if for whatever reason you find it hard to apply these principles in real life. The principles may be universally applicable, but people and situations are not.
— Andronik K.
The Board of Directors for Foster CARE Closet recently partnered with Leadership Harbor to provide one-on-one coaching for our executive director and development training for our staff statewide. We look forward to the growth this will provide our team and benefit to those we serve.
— Jason
The Co-Op 513 benefited greatly from having Brian and Kris work with our leadership team. With their guidance, we were able to solidify our goals and action steps attached to those goals. Their leadership provided us the push we needed to really focus in on our mission and purpose.
— Chris
Having worked in ministry for almost two decades, it often pains me to sit down to a coaching session with Kris. Only because I know she will ask the same questions I would ask those in my ministry. At the end of the day, it’s the questions that need to be asked to help me grow as a leader, and an individual. Kris’s personality provides a fun and laid-back environment to talk about life, leadership, and the future. Every great leader needs a coach like Kris (or Brian).
— Chris H.
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