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Everyone wants to be happy, fulfilled, successful, and accomplished. But sometimes stuff gets in the way. Our goal is to help you put the "stuff" into perspective so you can focus on your purpose and your priorities. Together, let's build the momentum you need to be all you are meant to be. Contact us to set up a meeting or visit our events page to see how to become involved in our mastermind groups and other activities.

I have had the pleasure … to be in Kris Peterson's workshop "Discovering Your Potential in Life Transitions." I am 76 years old… It's never too late to refresh thinking and create new strategies, at any age!

—Diane H.

I have found that since I have begun taking part in the mastermind discussions with Brian, I have been more attuned to the nuances in my communications with others. …which I feel has improved relationships both at work and at home.


The Co-Op 513 benefited greatly from having Brian and Kris work with our leadership team. With their guidance, we were able to solidify our goals and action steps attached to those goals.


This stype of coaching has helped us take Foster CARE Closet from a struggling nonprofit to a more mature agency serving youth all across the state of Nebraska. I have personally found it to be a significant attribute in my growth as an executive director.

—Leigh Esau

Having worked in ministry for almost two decades, it often pains me to sit down to a coaching session with Kris. Only because I know she will ask the same questions I would ask those in my ministry. At the end of the day, it’s the questions that need to be asked to help me grow as a leader, and an individual.

—Chris H.

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