Let’s partner together to equip, inspire, and empower youth to be the leaders they were born to be! 

You have the opportunity to be a Founding Partner with Leadership Harbor as we create our “Transformational Youth Team.”

Join us today for a changed tomorrow!

“Be the Change You Wish To See In The World”

Youth will be Equipped, Inspired, and Empowered to:

      • Have a positive self-image,
      • Respect themselves & others,
      • Be a Positive Influence
      • Fail Forward to Success

The Transformational Youth Team will meet once each month with our Youth Coach and other great leaders to explore and improve their own leadership skills.  As a Team they will plan and lead Global Youth Initiative (GYI) events in April & October.  The GYI events in our community are Free to all youth.  They will be equipped and empowered to be Leaders in their faith communities, homes, schools and globally.

We all win when we invest in our youth.  Consider a Founding Sponsor Partnership with Leadership Harbor.   Your sponsorship of the Transformational Youth Team will help provide materials, supplies, food – because youth love to eat, – and insure that Leadership Harbor can provide the best training and coaching to the youth in our community.

Join the Global Movement of Transformation In Your Community.  Sponsoring Partners like you or your business are needed to invest in these youth.  If you are interested in more information or you’re ready to invest in the transformation of youth on this team and the greater community contact Chris Hansen; 402-525-0568 or chris@leadershipharbor.com

Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

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