Do you feel like you are missing something in your life? 

  • Want to love your life again?
  • Have you felt unproductive in your job?
  • Like the tail is wagging the dog in your personal life?

Are you moving into a transition time in your life? 

  • Going to college or changing careers?
  • Becoming an empty nester – what you’ll do now that your job raising your children is done?
  • Thinking about retirement – it’s you don’t know what to do with your time?
    This is the workshop for you!!

Purpose is timeless. It may be tweaked as definitions or language changes, but the basic purpose you have rarely changes. This core statement of purpose assists with decision making. It is like a compass, giving direction. Creating a purpose is finding your “why”—your sweet spot. Once discovered, you can know with absolute certainty that you are living and doing the right things.  Results or decisions driven by this sweet spot lead to a more significant life and a positive legacy.  Knowing your purpose can help you with:

  • decision-making
  • your confidence
  • living each day with significance


Diane shared the following about the workshop:

I have had the pleasure and enlightening experience to be in Kris Peterson’s workshop ,”Discovering Your Potential in Life Transitions.” I am 76 years old and have gone through many life changes.Through the workshop venue, I was reminded who I am in terms of character, the good and not so good, by way of self assessment.  I actually came to a workable conclusion to an indecision I was experiencing. It’s never too late to refresh thinking and create new strategies, at any age!

Added Bonus!

Understanding who you are and your personality is helpful in discovering your purpose. In this workshop, we will experience a “mini” lesson to help each person unpack personality preferences: what ticks you off and where your greatest fears lie, based on DISC personality assessments. The assessment (regularly $50) is free with your registration. We will also extend the opportunity to have a DISC coach sit with you for one hour and help you delve more deeply into your personality. All of this will help you to unlock your potential and gain focus on your purpose. If you’d be interested in the coaching time, it will be set up independently of the workshop date and will also be discounted to $75—that’s our best coaching rate!  The Coaching can be done online or in person.

Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2019    Time: 9 AM – 1 PM CST    

Purchase options:

  • Workshop $197 — includes DISC and workshop materials
  • One-hour coaching session $75

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Tickets are no longer available.

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