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Mastermind Groups

April 25 @ 12:00 am - July 10 @ 12:00 am

$99.00 – $109

Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the Mastermind Group in his timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich”. The Mastermind principle is: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”   Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support, to sharpen your leadership skills, which helps group members achieve success.

6 weeks  Registration is $99.   You can register for an upcoming Mastermind Group &/or grab one of the already scheduled groups!

Please register or contact Kris to reserve your space.  We like a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 for these groups.

Bring 3 (other than yourself) new people and your registration is free!  Contact us for details

Can’t Decide Which one???  We have a perfect solution for you!  Check out the

Captain’s Club and get more for your $$$$

Intentional Living by John C. Maxwell 

        Contact Brian@leadershipharbor.com to participate!         Pay & Register On-Line


                     Step into a life of significance together!  Couples, Singles and friends are welcome!

We all have a longing to be significant. We want to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe significance is unattainable. They worry that it’s too big for them to achieve. That they have to have an amazing idea, be a certain age, have a lot of money, or be powerful or famous to make a real difference.

The good news is that none of those things is necessary for you to achieve significance and create a lasting legacy. The only thing you need to achieve significance is to be intentional. And to do that, all you need to do is start. You can’t make an impact sitting still and doing nothing. Every major accomplishment that’s ever been achieved started with a first step. Sometimes it’s hard; other times it’s easy, but no matter what, you have to do it if you want to get anywhere in life.

In Intentional Living, John Maxwell will help you take that first step, and the ones that follow, on your personal path through a life that matters.

Your registration is $99 and includes the book.  This will be an six-week class. Registration is limited to 10 participants.

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0          Register now!

In this thoroughly revised and updated 25th-anniversary edition of his now-classic work, John C. Maxwell reveals how to develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders.

Twenty-five years ago, John Maxwell published the book that forever transformed how we think about leadership. Developing the Leader Within You revolutionized the way leaders are made and in the process sold more than one million copies. Now John Maxwell returns to his classic text to include the leadership insights and practices he’s learned in the decades since the book first appeared. Thoroughly revised and with two completely new chapters, this new edition updates the foundational principles for transformative leadership that Maxwell has used as a leader for more than 40 years. No matter what arena you are called to–family, church, business, nonprofit–the principles Maxwell shares will positively impact your own life and the lives of those around you. New readers as well as longtime fans of Maxwell and the original book won’t want to miss out on this one.

Your registration of $99 includes class materials. This is a six-week class, meeting once a week. Copies of Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 needs to be purchased separately. Registration is limited to a max of 10 participants.

No Limits – Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity     Register Now!

Contact Kris@leadershipharbor.com for details on the next group

We often treat the word capacity as if it were a natural law of limitation. Unfortunately, most of us are much more comfortable defining what we perceive as off limits rather than what’s really possible. Could it be that many of us have failed to expand our potential because we have allowed what we perceive as capacity to define us? What if our limits are not really our limits?
In his newest book, John Maxwell identifies 17 core capacities. Some of these are abilities we all already possess, such as energy, creativity and leadership. Others are aspects of our lives controlled by our choices, like our attitudes, character, and intentionality. Maxwell examines each of these capacities, and provides clear and actionable advice on how you can increase your potential in each. He will guide you on how to identifygrow, and apply your critical capacities. Once you’ve blown the “cap” off your capacities, you’ll find yourself more successful–and fulfilled–in your daily life.

Your registration of $99 includes class materials. This is an six-week class, meeting once a week. Copies of No Limits needs to be purchased separately. Registration is limited to a max of 10 participants.

15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth by John C Maxwell

Contact Chris@leadershipharbor.com for details on the next group

2 Options:                                                                                      Special Pricing!  Sign Up Now!

  • 7:30 AM on Saturdays beginning 4/27/19
  • 7:30 PM on Sundays beginning 4/28/19

Contact us with questions or if you would be interested in hosting this group

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow? John Maxwell says the answer is yes. He has been passionate about personal development for over fifty years, and for the first time, he teaches everything he has gleaned about what it takes to reach our potential. In the way that only he can communicate, John teaches . . .

  • The Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself
  • The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
  • The Law of Modeling: It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow
  • The Law of the Rubber Band: Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You are and Where You Could Be
  • The Law of Contribution: Developing Yourself Enables You to Develop Others

This third book in John Maxwell’s Laws series (following the 2-million seller The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork) will help you become a lifelong learner whose potential keeps increasing and never gets “used up.”

Your registration is $99. This will be a six-week class. Registration is limited to 10 participants.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently

Contact kris@leadershipharbor.com for info on the next group     Buy Now!

Only one thing stands between you and success – It isn’t experience – It isn’t talent

World-renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell says if you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. And while it may seem like some folks are just born with it, the fact is anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection. In Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Maxwell shares the Five Principles and Five Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting, including:

  • Finding common ground
  • Keeping your communication simple
  • Capturing people’s interest
  • Inspiring people
  • Staying authentic in all your relationships

The ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. It’s no secret! Connecting is a skill you can learn and apply in your personal, professional, and family relationships―and you can start now!

Your registration is $99 and includes the book.  This will be an six-week class. Registration is limited to 10 participants.

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April 25 @ 12:00 am
July 10 @ 12:00 am
$99.00 – $109
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