Our mission is to empower people to realize their potential with confidence and influence.

The coaches at Leadership Harbor help people develop the skills to be more relational and influential in their personal, business, and faith lives. We offer individual, group, and business coaching, mastermind groups (in-depth book study with hands-on application), and workshops. We help you train in a safe environment—the harbor—on your way to becoming all you were meant to be. Dream big, and let’s start moving forward!

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"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." —John A. Shedd

Kris Peterson
Kris is a leadership coach and an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team. As a coach, she believes in empowering people to realize their potential with confidence and influence. Kris began her coaching career 11 years ago as a church coach, helping congregations to develop their ministries and missions. In the process, she realized she needed a better way to teach people how to be leaders. Since then, she has used her training in The John Maxwell Team to help people lead themselves and others more intentionally and discover true significance in their personal and professional lives.

Brian Peterson
My life has been spent becoming the person that God meant for me to become—individually and as a husband, a father, a grandfather, a chief chemist and project leader for ContiTech Power Transmission Group, a certified lay pastor, and a John Maxwell Team leadership coach, trainer, and speaker. While I am an engineer by technical education, I have learned that people are more important than tasks. This produces significantly greater challenges and, with it, rewards. Most everyone is his or her own worst critic. I am, too. I started out to be perfect and failed miserably. Everyone wants to be happy, fulfilled, successful, and/or accomplished, but "stuff" gets in the way. I have a lifelong mission to become all that I was designed to become. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

Chris Hansen
I have worked in a variety of ministry settings—youth, young adult, and new worship—over the past 19 years My passion in all of these areas is helping people. My hope is to empower people to use their God-given gifts to intentionally live heir lives. I have benefited from many mentors and coaches over the years, each helping to spur me on to becoming the best version of myself possible. As part of the Leadership Harbor team, I look forward to helping more people reach their potential.

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